Move Easier, Breathe Deeper, Walk Taller, Run Faster!

Hello and welcome to TriBreath™. First please let me introduce myself. My name's Brett Hayes and i've been teaching and sharing what i call TriBreath™ for well over twenty years now to people from all walks of life.

That is from mums & dads, grandparents, weekend warriors, to lot's of World Champion Elite athletes. 

Contained within this TriBreath™ eBook are the 3 breathing rhythms i discovered after decades of observing and studying both the mechanics of human movement and funny enough the workings of the internal combustion engine!

What i hope to introduce to you, and teach you, is how to use the TriBreath™ breathing rhythm's to help improve your lung power (your respiratory strength, lung capacity), and how to use these rhythm's to equally distribute the forces of impact your body experiences when you walk and run.

Ancient in their origin, i believe these techniques are how the body was/is designed to operate! 

When you use these breathing techniques in combination with the TriBreath™ Body Sculpting exercises & Mind Techniques (accessed within the Member Teaching Portal), you can use TriBreath™ to help tone & shape your body whenever, where ever.

In fact you can use the TriBreath techniques with most activities that require the two sides of your body to work in opposition to each other to create momentum. Never before has fitness & maintaining your mobility been so simple and accessible!


Brett Hayes has coached thousands of athletes, weekend warriors and Mums & Dad's for over 20 years.

The TriBreath eBook reveals...

How the "way" you breathe can create body balance or imbalance!

  • Find out why "the way" you breathe may be causing you more harm than good.
  • Learn the three (3) TriBreath breathing rhythms to help build, maintain and develop your aerobic strength.
  • Access improved mobility, neural communication and body awareness as you walk, run, push, pull, paddle etc.

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Pat Cash

Wimbledon champion

"I am always looking for world class products and training techniques to find any edge I can in competition and training for either myself or my students. I would highly recommend everyone to learn either the TriBreath technique or any of Brett's fitness and health concepts."

Carolyn Eory

TriBreath Member

"I’m breathing better, I’m standing correctly, I walk correctly and that makes everything work better. I feel three(3) centimetres taller after every class. Better deportment

makes me feel better…it’s a wonderful domino effect of how one thing helps the other."